TorZo: beautiful and sustainable surfaces

Today our American Tour is going to talk about TorZo Surfaces, a family-owned company based in Woodburn, OR that produces a stunning line of interior surfacing materials. Launched in 2008, TorZo Surfaces developed a unique infusion process that melds the science of polymer chemistry with the sustainability of recycled wood and agricultural by-products.

torzo2This technique allowed them to create a wide range of sustainable composite boards made of recycled timber, wheat and sunflower hulls, for example. Today, TorZo expanded its line to include other materials such as recycled wood fiber and chips, hemp and sorghum.


Besides being eco-friendly, TorZo products are significantly hard and durable due the polymer infusion. They can be installed on walls and floors and will add an earthy touch to any space.


To learn more about TorZo Surfaces and check all the entire collection go to

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