Syzygy: Aligned with the trends


Today our American Tour arrives in Silver City, NM, where Syzygy Tile is based. Founded on the night of a lunar eclipse in 1993*, Syzygy Tile is a combination of the talents of its founders, Lee Gruber and David del Junco.

For many years Lee and David have been devoting their work to handmade innovative design that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, environmentally safe and benefits the local community. Their goal is to keep the handmade craftsman tradition alive by producing tiles that are timeless, sophisticated and distinctive.


From their beginning in a garage to their new location in a historic building in downtown Silver City, Syzygy Tile is an energetic company, fully dedicated to their products. Every single detail matters and they take pride of it. All tiles are handmade by talented artisans. From the preparation of the clay to the glazing process, each tile is treated like a piece of jewelry, resulting in unique products.


Kaleidoscope Collection

Among their amazing collections, we would like to highlight two in particular, Sygma and Kaleidoscope. The former presents geometric shapes in harmonic patterns that remind the classic style from mid 50’s  and 60’s , the latter mix and matches hypnotic curves, angles and forms in stunning shades of greenish gray.


Sygma Collection

To learn more about Syzygy Tile and check all the entire collection go to

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* Syzygy means the straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system.

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