About Us

We believe that tiles can play a huge role in a home renovation. They are versatile, colorful, and playful. However, it is hard to find a place where we can get useful information about it, or get educated and go deep into the endless décor options that tiles can bring.

For the last five years we’ve been working in the tile industry, in some of the most innovative tile projects. We’ve participated in the whole process of creating, manufacturing and selling tile, and seen the troubles that professionals and homeowners face when choosing and installing tile products.

That is why we’ve created TileLovers.com. A place where you can learn more about tiles and how they can transform your spaces. We want to empower you with information that will help your decision-making.


What we do differently

We do not have any attachments with particular companies or brands. We are fully independent, and we base our reviews and recommendations on our personal views and experience with the products. However, when necessary, we will partner up with brands to bring more information to you on specific products.

Our goal is to be the “go-to” website for the ones who are looking for trustful and helpful information about tiles.

We hope you like our website and feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. We would be glad to hear from you.


Our Team

Nauro Rezende Jr – Editor and Founder of Tile Lovers, he is an advertising professional, graphic designer, and web developer with more than 20 years of experience and has been working in the tile industry for five years.

Maria Rezende – Co-editor and Co-founder of Tile Lovers, she is an advertising professional with more than 15 years of experience. She also a marketing strategist, photographer, social media specialist and has been working in the tile industry for two years.